Maintenance of Wood-Based Panels

How to protect & care for wood-based panels

Appropriate specification is the main consideration when using wood-based panels in exterior applications. Maintenance is then restricted to the renewal of surface coatings, the repair of edge sealing, the replacement of sealants and possibly remedial action on fixings.

Maintenance procedures for paint are well established and guidance on re-coating should be sought from manufacturers. Exterior wood stains generally require redecoration every 3-5 years, depending on the level of exposure and elevation. For example, wear and erosion of the coating is more apparent on south and west facing elevations.

As there are many different types of wood-stains available, guidance from the manufacturer should always be followed in order to achieve optimum results. The future appearance and durability of coatings will suffer if weathering of the substrate is allowed to progress too far as a result of neglected maintenance.

Panels which have factory-applied phenolic-resin film, or GRP type coatings can also be repaired with patching compounds.

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