Coloured MDF

Through-Coloured MDF

Through Coloured MDF

Coloured MDF is made in a similar way to normal MDF, except that pigments are mixed with the wood fibres before the board is pressed to make it 100% through-coloured. MDF produced using this process offers a uniform coloured piece of wood, equally resistant to daylight and to artificial light.

Articles produced using coloured MDF will only require a clear finish to seal the surface once the panels have been given a finishing sand. This will bring out the full colour, which is integrated into the very fibres of the panel.

Every care is taken to ensure the colour of an individual panel is within internal controls. As is the case with any product manufactured using a dyeing process, variations in colour or hue may occur as the individual wood fibres take up varying amounts of the dye, with some colours more susceptible to colour variations than others. Use of panels from within the same batch of a single thickness along with careful selection before final incorporation will minimize this natural characteristic and offer the best possibility of achieving uniformity of colour throughout your project.


As is the case with all wood products, coating with water-based finishes will tend to leave the board similar to its unfinished colour, while oil and AC/cellulose coatings will tend to darken the product somewhat.

We can cut the panels to size or pattern & machine/profile/drill as required, and if the quantity is viable we can also supply the panels prefinished with clear lacquer (water-based or AC/cellulose) or oil. We also offer flame-retardant coatings that will upgrade the panel to fire rating EN 13501 Class B, and can incorporate non-sacrificial anti-graffiti characteristics where required.

Standard colour range

Special colours can be manufactured to order in minimum 90m per colour/thickness in a mixture of standard panel sizes (11,250m @ 8mm | 7,500m @ 12mm | 5,625m @ 16mm | 4,700m @ 19mm | 3,000m @ 30mm)

NB: Subject to the limitations of the dyeing process, e.g. it is not possible to achieve a specific RAL colour or white.

Colour Extra (moisture resistant, deep rout coloured MDF):

This coloured MDF is dyed with organic pigments. It is not only moisture resistant, but also has excellent deep rout properties and mechanical resistance around 30% higher than standard MDF panels. It can be cut & shaped in great detail using standard woodworking tools.

The high melamine content in the makeup of the panel acts as a lubricant, and offers an extremely high level of performance, giving this coloured MDF panel excellent machining properties.

Supplied as pallets/single sheets: size 2500x1250mm generally delivered within 2 days - some 3750x1250mm stocked


Thk 2440x1220/2500x1250mm 2440x1830mm 3660x1220mm 3660x2440mm
8mm *90 (45) 60 (30) 60 (30) 30 (16)
12mm *60 (30) 40 (20) 40 (20) 20 (10)
16mm *45 (24) 30 (16) 30 (16) 15 (8)
19mm *39 (21) 26 (14) 26 (14) 13 (7)
30mm *24 (12) 14 (8) 16 (8) 8 (4)

tems marked * generally available in most colours for immediate delivery in split or full pallet quantities
Non-stock panel sizes available to special order in full or half-pallet quantities within a relatively short period of time
Number in brackets denotes half-pallet quantiy per item

Colour FR-B (fire retardant, moisture resistant, deep rout coloured MDF):

We can prefinish Colour Extra in a clear intumescent coating to upgrade it to flame retardant coloured MDF to EN 13501 Class B. However, in the event an intumescent coating is not viable, this preimpregnated fire retardant coloured MDF is available to special order in all colours at 8mm or 19mm thickness. These panels are specially manufactured in a relatively small minimum production quantity of 10m per item (= 530m @ 19mm).

This impregnated fire resistant coloured MDF product achieves a fire reaction rating of EN 13501 Class B-s2,d0, in addition to offering the normal characteristics of Colour Extra.

NB: The colours may vary slightly compared with Colour Extra due to the different flame retardant resins used in its production


Thk 2440x1220mm 2440x1830mm 3660x1220mm 3660x2440mm
8mm 90 (45) 60 (30) 60 (30) 30 (16)
19mm 39 (21) 26 (14) 26 (14) 13 (7)

Produced to special order in minimum 10m per thickness/colour, supplied to nearest half-pallet of mixed sizes, e.g. 530m @ 19mm
Number in brackets denotes half-pallet quantity per item

Further surfacing:

All coloured MDF panel types can all be overlaid with our full range of veneers, high pressure laminates (HPL), and other surface coatings, for instance linoleum for use as counter tops.

The possibilities are endless:

CNC and hand controlled routers, spindle moulders or other power tools may be used with Colour Extra in order to produce stunning, colourful products, as can be seen from the images above. These patterns (along with any viable special design you can create) can be supplied pre-machined in their raw state, or we can supply them prefinished if preferred.

Virtually any pattern can be produced from a CAD drawing in single or multiple sheets of this high-grade coloured MDF, and some examples of our range of sculptured panels to show what can be achieved are shown below.

Coloured MDF: Green MDF in Matrix pattern Coloured MDF: Black, Red & Yellow MDF in Mesh pattern Coloured MDF: Yellow MDF in Reed pattern Coloured MDF: Brown MDF in Ripple pattern Coloured MDF: Blue MDF in Scarab pattern Coloured MDF: Red MDF in Weave pattern Coloured MDF: Black MDF with Red & Yellow MDF in Spiral pattern Coloured MDF: Red MDF on Yellow MDF in Crinkle pattern

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Advantages of Colour Extra & Colour FRB coloured MDF:

FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC Certified coloured MDF and/or PEFC Certified coloured MDF.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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Examples of the boards in use:

Technical specification (Colour Extra):

Thickness: 8mm 12mm 16mm 19mm 30mm Standard
Formeldehyde level - dry (mg/100g): ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 EN 120
Bending strength (N/mm): 42 40 38 38 36 EN 310
Modulus of elasticity (N/mm): 3400 3200 3100 3100 3000 EN 310
Thickness swell (%) - in 24 hours: 12 10 8 8 7 EN 317
Internal bond (N/mm): 0.80 0.80 0.75 0.75 0.75 EN 319
Thickness swell (%) - after cyclic test*: 19 16 15 15 15 EN 321
Internal bond (N/mm) - after cyclic test*: 0.30 0.25 0.20 0.20 0.15 EN 321
Average density (Kg/m): 850 820 800 790 740 EN 323
Average weight (Kg/m): 6.80 9.84 12.80 15.01 22.20 EN 323

*Cyclic test carried out according to BS EN 321
(In water for 70hrs 1 @ 20C 1 ... in freezer for 24hrs 1 @ -12 to-25 C ... in oven for 70hrs 1 @ 70C 2)

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