Anegre Veneer

Fiddleback Anegre veneer Quartered Figured Anegre veneer Crown Figured Anegre veneer Quartered Anegre veneer Crown Anegre veneer

Anegre is also known as Agnegre, Landosan, Mukali, Kali, Osan, Mutoke, Mukangu and Muna. It is widespread in tropical Africa and particularly common in parts of East Africa.

Anegre sapwood is not sharply demarcated from the heartwood, which is yellowish white, pale brown, pale pink, pinkish- to reddish-brown in colour, darkening slightly upon exposure.

Anegre grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy and the timber is occasionally figured with heavy fiddleback, a broken mottled figure, or a bee's wing. Lighter grade material is medium to coarse textured while heavier grade material is usually fine textured. The timber is lustrous and has a faint cedar-like odour.

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