Avodire Curl Veneer (Avodire Crotch Veneer)

Avodire Veneer

Avodire is also known as Blimah-pu, Apapaye, Lusamba and Apaya, and has a rather extensive range in Africa, from Sierra Leone westward to the Congo region and southward to Zaire and Angola. It is most common in the eastern region of the Ivory Coast, scattered elsewhere and found near streams and lakes.

The sapwood of Avodire is not differentiated from the heartwood, which is creamy white to pale yellow with high natural lustre, eventually darkening to a golden yellow.

Avodire veneer grain is sometimes straight but more often wavy or irregularly interlocked, producing an unusual and attractive mottled figure when sliced or cut on the quarter.

Cerejeira curl veneer is a type of figure that occurs where limbs emerge from the tree trunk. The high amounts of fibre distortion at this junction results in a feather or flame pattern appearance.

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