European Brown Oak Veneer

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Brown Oak is is the result of fungus attack in the growing European Oak tree. The fungus (Fistulina hepatica) causes the wood first to assume a yellow colour, then a richer brown or dark reddish-brown. European Oak is found in Europe, Parts of West Asia, and Northern Africa.

A yellow-coloured streak sometimes appearing in oak is the result of another fungus, Polyporous dryadeus, but since very few tree diseases persist after the tree is felled, dried timber is no different from normal coloured wood, indeed, brown oak is often preferred for its decorative appeal.

European Brown Oak sapwood and heartwood have similar colours and grain patterns, although sapwood tends to be slightly lighter than the light brown to dark tan of the heartwood. Quarter sawn European Oak tends to have a silvery grain structure.

Wood harvested from the northern area's of the species distribution zone tends to be denser and tougher while wood from the central regions tend to be straighter and more uniform and the wood's texture is coarse and characterized by open pores.

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