Camphor Burr Veneer (Camphor Burl)

Camphor Burr veneer

Camphor is also known as Dalchini, Ohez, Gondhori, Karawe, Hmanthein, Kayu, Kalingag, Kusunoki, and is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, Southern China, Formosa, Japan, and southwards to Australia. It is widely planted in tropical and subtropical parts of the world.

The sapwood of Camphor is not always clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which can be light yellowish, olive, reddish, or brownish grey to red, reddish brown, orange brown, or light brown.

Camphor veneer grain can be straight, interlocked, or wavy and sometimes figured with dark streaks. The texture is medium coarse to fine and this wood is often fragrant with odours of camphor, anise oil, or other scents.

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