Celtis Veneer

Celtis veneer

Celtis is also known as Odou Vrai, Kiliakamba, Lohonfe, Diania, Engo, Esa-Biri, Esa- Kosua, Lokonfi, Dunki, Ita, Zuwo, Ekembe Bakaswa, Bawe, Odou, Asa, Ba, Kayombo, Esa-Fufu, Esa-Kokoo, Shiunza, Ohia and Namanuka. It is widely found in Central and Western Africa.

The colour of Celtis sapwood is not clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which is light yellow to light tan in colour.

Celtis veneer grain is straight and can be slightly interlocked, and texture is medium coarse

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