Cerejeira Curl Veneer (Cerejeira Crotch Veneer)

Cerejeira Veneer

Cerejeira is also known as Palo Trebol, Roble del Pais, Soryoko, Amburana, Cumaru de Cheiro, Imburana and Ishpingo. It is found in South America from Argentina to Brazil and Peru.

The Cerejeira sapwood is 5-8cm thick and not clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which is a yellow brown colour and is sometimes veined.

Cerejeira veneer grain is straight or slightly interlocked and texture is coarse.

The wood has a slight scent similar to vanilla.

Cerejeira curl veneer has a type of figure that occurs where limbs emerge from the tree trunk. The high amounts of fibre distortion at this junction results in a feather or flame pattern appearance.

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