Courbaril Veneer

Alder Veneer

Courbaril is also called Alga, Algarrobo, Brazilian Cherry, Copal, Copinol, Gaupinol, Jatahy, Jatoba, Jutai, Kawanari, Locust, Sirari, and West Indian Locust, and is found throughout the West Indies and from central Mexico south to Bolivia and Brazil.

Courbaril has a rather wide sapwood, which is white, grey, or pinkish in colour, and clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which can be salmon-red to  orange-brown, darkening into a russet to red-brown colour after drying, and frequently marked with dark streaks.

Courbaril grain is mostly interlocked and texture medium to coarse. This wood can be dull or fairly lustrous and sands, takes stain, and finishes well.

It is without a characteristic taste or odour.

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