European Pine Veneer

Knotty Pine veneer Quartered European Pine veneer (Quartered Baltic Pine veneer) Crown European Pine veneer (Crown Baltic Pine veneer)

European Pine is also known as Scots Pine, Redwood Pine or Baltic Pine and is the most widely distributed pine in the world, growing naturally from above the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, south to the Mediterranean and almost to the Pacific at altitudes ranging from sea level to about 2440 m.

The creamy white or pale yellow sapwood  is 50- 100mm wide, and easily distinguished from the yellow-brown to reddish brown heartwood.

The texture is relatively fine to medium coarse and the grain usually straight with clear growth rings, which are prominently marked by the darker, denser winterwood. This wood was extensively employed for ecclesiastical carved work in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Tight knots are a general feature of this wood and the better logs are selected for slicing into veneer, with veneer stock exhibiting large, regular knots being sold as knotty pine.

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