Fumed Oak Veneer (Smoked Oak Veneer)

Fumed Sap Oak veneer Flaky Fumed Oak veneer Quartered Fumed Oak veneer Crown Fumed Oak veneer

Fumed oak is also called smoked oak, and produced by exposing European oak veneers to the fumes of ammonia in a sealed compartment. This process gives the oak veneer a weathered appearance similar to that of bog oak.

Because of the manufacturing process, one side of the fumed oak/smoked oak veneer tends to be darker than the other, and so we normally recommend that this veneer not be supplied bookmatched, but be slipmatched, reverse slipmatched or random matched.

European Oak is one of the most frequent species of tree to be found in European forests, and it is also found in parts of West Asia, and Northern Africa.

Sapwood and heartwood of European Oak have similar colours and grain patterns. 

European Oak veneer texture is coarse and characterized by open pores, although it takes all surface finishes well and treatment presents no problems.

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