Madrona Burr Veneer

Bleached Madrona Burr veneer (Madrone Burl) Madrona Burr veneer (Madrone Burl)

Madrona is found in North America, from southwestern British Columbia, south through Washington, Oregon and California in the coastal mountains.

Madrona sapwood is a pinkish-cream colour, while the heartwood is light pink to red-brown with patches of deep red. It resembles fruit woods in colour and texture.

Madrona veneer polishes well, and compares with hard maple and white oak in its characteristics.

Madrona Burr veneer is caused by abnormal growth, or excrescences, which are common to most trees. Irritation or injury forms an interwoven, contorted, or gnarly mass of dense woody tissue from which this veneer is harvested.

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