Soft Maple Veneer

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Soft maple is also known as Big Leaf Maple & Oregon Maple. It is found extensively in the Western USA & Canada and is the species of maple that produces the highly decorative maple burr and quilted maple veneers.

While maple burr and maple cluster veneer is usually a pink to salmon-pink colour, quilted maple generally tends to be pale pink to pinky-brown - some logs will display a mix of colours when the older heartwood may be darker.

The full maple burr frequently contains pockets of ingrowing bark and the bundles are not usually of a large size, while maple cluster is generally sounder with some larger sizes often available.

Quilted maple that is pure white in colour is generally regarded as being the finest quality and due to its rarity is seldom available - and then only at a very high price, particularly in the case of strongly figured examples in longer lengths. The true quilted maple figure is of a pommele or blister type and, in the best examples has an almost three dimensional appearance.

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