Okoume Veneer

Okoume veneer

Okoume is also called Gaboon, Angouma, Moukoumi & N'Koumi. It is confined to Gabon, Rio Muni, and Congo-Brazzaville and rather common, being extensively planted within its natural range.

The sapwood is narrow and whitish or pale grey, and not clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which is salmon pink to light pinkish brown.

The grain of Okoume is straight and shallowly interlocked, sometimes wavy, and its texture medium. Okoume wood is often lustrous.

Okoume is used in the manufacture of quality utility plywoods, such as marine plywood or as a face option for lightweight plywood, and is also used as a low cost balancer where a veneered panel only requires one decorative face veneer.

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