Olive Ash Burr Veneer

Olive Ash Burr Veneer

Olive Ash is produced from Ash logs that exhibit a dark brown to black heartwood, which is strong and sound.

Ash is composed of around 70 species, with around 20 in Central and North America and 50 in Europe and Asia. All species look alike microscopically and White Ash is widely distributed in the north temperate regions of the globe.

White Ash sapwood is light coloured or nearly white and 7-15cm wide, while the heartwood is pale brown, greyish brown, light brown, or pale yellow streaked with brown.

Olive Ash veneers usually have strong contrast in grain and the material is normally coarse-textured, with no characteristic odour.

Olive Ash Burr veneer is caused by abnormal growth, or excrescences, which are common to most trees. Irritation or injury forms an interwoven, contorted, or gnarly mass of dense woody tissue from which this veneer is harvested.

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