Quilted Maple Veneer

Maple Veneer

Hard Maple is manufactured principally in Canada and the Middle Atlantic and Great Lake States of the US, which together account for about two-thirds of production.

Maple sapwood is commonly white with a light reddish-brown tinge, while the heartwood is usually light reddish brown but sometimes considerably darker. 

Hard Maple veneer grain is generally straight and flecks caused by insects may also be present. It has a fine, uniform texture, and birdseye, quilted, fiddleback, and other forms of figured grain are often selected for furniture or novelty items. It finishes well and steaming the wood darkens it, resulting in a weathered appearance that enhances the grain and figuring.

The quilted figure is produced by blister-like structures that form under the bark of the maple tree, resulting in the highly-desired patterns that can be seen in the veneer.

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