American Red Elm Veneer

Quartered American Red Elm veneer Crown American Red Elm veneer

American Red Elm is a 'hard elm' and also known as Slippery Elm, September Elm, Cork Elm, Mountain Elm, Southern Elm, Basket Elm, Slippery-Barked Elm, Corkbark Elm, Hickory Elm or Cedar Elm.

It has a rather restricted distribution in North America, and is found mostly in the St Lawrence River valley.

With a pale, nearly white sapwood that is clearly distinguished from the heartwood, which is dull reddish-brown in colour, American Red Elm is often free of knots.

American Red Elm grain is usually straight, but can be cross and irregular, producing an attractive figure. It is occasionally is interlocked, while the texture is coarse and inclined to be woolly.

American Red Elm can finish well, and takes stains and polish satisfactorily.

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