Sucupira Veneer

Sucupira veneer

Sucupira is also known as Botonallare, Peonia, Tatabu, Aramatta, Zwarte Kabbes, and Coeur Dehors. It is found on the lower reaches of the Amazon, and in the forest of the Rio Negro.

Sucupira sapwood is whitish or yellowish and sharply demarcated from the heartwood, which is generally chocolate brown to reddish brown, turning to a lighter brown or occasionally greyish brown, with fine lighter parenchyma stripes.

Sucupira veneer is straight grained to slightly interlocked, and frequently irregular or wavy. The texture is  coarse and this wood has a medium to high lustre that is golden. It is often with waxy without distinctive odour or taste. It takes a good finish if filler is first applied.

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