Thuya Burr Veneer (Citron Burl)

Thuya Burr veneer

Thuya Burr is also known as Thyine Wood and (in the United States) Citron Burl. It is found in North Africa, principally Morocco and Algeria, and has been introduced into Malta, Cyprus and East Africa.

Thuya is a coniferous tree and is a rich golden brown to orange red, highly contorted and valuable only as a veneer. The burr grows underground as a root burr, formed by stooling and the repeated destruction of coppice growth, which causes increased growth from below ground. It is dug out rather than felled.

Thuya Burr veneer grain is interlocked, contorted, hard and full of knots, resulting in a beautiful mottled or birds eye figure, producing very striking and highly-prized burr veneers. It is fine textured, resinous and aromatic.

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