Veneer Grades:

Premier Grade:

Manufactured exactly to your requirements in various bespoke patterns exclusively using the very highest architectural quality veneers that are jointed to your specific instructions by our master craftsmen.

These architectural quality veneered panels & doors can be supplied with factory-fitted matching concealed lumber lippings or veneer. The panels are cut to size and lipped, then calibrated for uniform thickness and over-veneered. As a result of this process, the lippings are not only bonded to the core, but sandwiched in between the veneer faces. The face veneers are bonded with a glue that is cured under heat and pressure, so the lippings are securely bonded on three sides for maximum security and to avoid the lippngs being visible when viewed from the front of the bespoke panel sets. This adds to the clean finish from the front and adds to the impression the panels are made from solid lumber but in a much higher quality and uniformity, with more stability than can ever be achieved using solid timber.

Premier Grade veneered panels are often used as a direct replacement for solid lumber in order to take advantage of the improved face quality and the stability compared with solid wood. These can be supplied as individually identified sets of veneered panels that have grain matching right through - left-to-right and/or top-to-bottom - with or without decorative inlays pre-installed to any pattern.

Attention to detail at every point of production ensures a quality that proves difficult for others to match.

These panels have face quality both sides, rather than an A/B grade (see below). In fact, since the quality of the faces is so much higher than commercial panels, some manufacturers, architects and designers prefer to specify these panels as 'Premier Grade (AAA)' to ensure commercial veneered panels are not used by subcontractors as low cost replacements, because this can often lead to poor final results and end-user complaints.

Commercial Grade:

These panels are 'Clip and run' jointed, which is an uninterrupted process of jointing that produces a continuous ribbon of infinite width using veneers of a single length, similar in some respects to an extrusion process. This continuous ribbon is cut to the width required without giving consideration to where the joints lie on the resultant sheet, and the layons graded in a separate process.

These panels represent our budget range, which is available in a more limited range of the more common veneers & standard sizes. Generally produced in larger quantities, this range offers the lowest cost in commercial grade veneers.

Commercial Grade veneers will tend to consist of narrower leaves with non-open characteristics/defects that would not be allowed in Premier Grade veneered panels. Typically, these may include: half-crowns, slight mismatch in grain pattern, increase in sugar, mineral streak or similar characteristics of the natural wood.

Two-sided commercial veneered panels are always graded A/B. The B denotes the reverse is simply a balancing veneer of the same species as the front, so will allow mismatch, discolouration, and other similar defects.

These are generally bookmatched crown/flat cut or slipmatched quarter cut, then cut to size and fitted with exposed lippings or veneer. While offering a lower cost, exposed lippings are visible from the front of the panels and edging material more likely to fail over time because they are bonded to the panel edges only.

Superior Grade:

Improved quality commercial veneers that are 'clip and run' jointed

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