Quantities of Supply:

Premier Grade:

We can supply one-off items in standard commercial sizes or component sizes that are cut to size prior to veneering, with or without edging and/or inlays. Sizes offered in this grade are only limited by the core & veneer material available, e.g. individual panels up to 5490x1830mm can be supplied, although the veneers may need to be jointed for length (the maximum individual length of veneer we can trim is 3300mm).

These panels can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

Superior Grade:

Relatively small quantities of 10-20 sheets can be manufactured to order in standard size boards (e.g. 2440x1220mm), up to a maximum of 3660x1830mm, which is subject to veneer and core stock availability and possible minimum order quantity.

Delivery can be made worldwide.

Commercial Grade:

These panels are offered in full pallets per item in standard sizes to UK customers. The maximum size available is 3660x1830mm, and these panels can be delivered worldwide in minimum 20ft full container loads.

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