Zebrano Veneer

Quartered Zebrano veneer Crown Zebrano veneer

Zebrano is also called allen ele, allene, amouk, ele, enuk-enug, izingana, nkomi, sebrano, sebratra, zingana, zinganga and African zebrawood

It is found in West Africa - mainly in Gabon and Cameroon - and gregarious, sometimes found in pure stands along riverbanks.

Zebrano sapwood is up to 10cm wide and whitish in colour, while the heartwood is light golden-yellow or pale yellow-brown in colour, with narrow-veining or streaks of dark brown to almost black, giving a zebra-stripe appearance that varies considerably.

Zebrano veneer grain is usually interlocked or wavy, yielding a ribbon figure, the texture is typically medium to coarse, and the wood is lustrous.

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