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Solid timber panels

Merbau Edge Glued Panels & Worktops

Merbau panel
  • 18mm to 60mm thick - others by arrangement (composites up to 100mm)
  • Maximum size 5300x1210mm
  • Non-stock items typically available to special order within 2-3 weeks
  • Pallets (20) / mini-bundles (10) / some minimum 5 per item
  • Supplied unfinished or with various coatings such as clear lacquer, oils, etc.
  • D3 bonded for limited high moisture conditions


Merbau is also known as Mirabow, and is found in Malaysia & Indonesia. It is generally better known as a hard and heavy timber that is used for flooring, although it is also sliced into merbau veneer.

The wood is rather hard and heavy (830 kg/m3 when dried), and the texture is coarse but even. The grain is interlocked and often wavy, and sulphur-yellow and dark-coloured deposits, that are characteristic of the species, can commonly be seen in the vessel cavities.

Merbau sapwood is whitish to pale yellow and generally around 40-70mm wide. It is sharply differentiated from the heartwood, which can be orange-brown to brown or dark red-brown, weathering over time to darker shades. Lighter-coloured parenchymatous markings often give the wood an ornamental figure on tangential surfaces.

Merbau sometimes has an oily feel, can be lustrous, and generally finishes well. Although a high incidence of gum tends to collect on saws, the yellow deposits are soluble in water. The wood takes stains, varnish, and paint well and has good polishing characteristics, but occasional surface preparation may be required due to oily patches. The wood tends to split on nailing, but holds screws well.

Merbau is durable and experiences small movement due to moisture. Texture is coarse.

Panel Types

Winwood Products is a supplier of Merbau panels & worktops offering the following configurations/options:

Merbau - Finger jointed panels & worktops

(Click heading or image for full details of thicknesses & panel sizes)

Fingerjointed merbau panels & worktops
  • Special order in pallet quantities
  • 18mm to 60mm thick
  • Any size up to max. 5300x1210mm
  • D3 water resistant bonding
  • Calibrated to 80 grit as standard
  • Faces protected with shrinkwrapping
  • Can be supplied raw or coated with various coatings such as clear lacquer or oil

Specially ordered in pallets of 20 per item, finger jointed Merbau panels are constructed from full thickness, finger jointed strips 28-45mm wide (usually 40mm) x 250mm-600mm long.

This product is also available constructed from 20mm wide staves in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 40mm thickness.

Can be supplied cut or machined to pattern, and prefinished with lacquer, oil, wax or special finishes


Technical details (general)

  • Thickness:
    • 18mm to 60mm - others by arrangement (composites up to 100mm)
  • Standard sizes:
    • Finger jointed panels made to order up to max 5300x1210mm
  • Special sizes:
    • All sizes available, subject to agreement up to maximum 5300x1210mm
  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width: typically +5mm/-3mm
    • Thickness: typically ±0.2mm
    • (Others by arrangement)
  • Face grades:
    • A/B, others by arrangement
  • Bonding Quality:
    • D3 - High moisture applications
  • Other features:
    • Other woods can be incorporated into the construction of the panel to achieve a decorative or contrasting effect