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High quality decorative products

Laminated Plywood, Laminated MDF & Other Panels

Laminated Plywood: White HPL laminated on birch plywood
  • Thickness = 6mm-50mm - (composites up to 100mm)
  • Standard panel sizes = 2440 / 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm
  • Max size = 3660x1830mm (subject to availability of core and laminate chosen)
  • Wide range of colours & decors
  • Hard-wearing surface
  • Wide variety of core materials available
  • Also available fire retardant to EN 13501 Class B


These products are produced from a core material that is faced on one or both faces with a hard-wearing HPL (high-pressure laminate).

All forms of plywood or other core can be supplied, e.g. MR MDF faced with a high pressure laminate bonded to both sides or one only with a balancer to the reverse.

These panels can be supplied in standard commercial panel sizes up to the maximum available size of that decor (e.g. 2440x1220mm, 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm, etc), or they can be cut and machined to your specific requirements.

NB: We would bring your attention to the detail regarding standard tolerances of commercial panel sizes in our standard terms & conditions)

What is HPL?

High pressure laminate is manufactured in a fusing process that results in an extra-hard decorative laminate. The multiple layers of kraft papers used for the decorative surface, inner layers and backing layer are all impregnated with phenolic resin and fused together in a multiple step press operation offering a wide range of decorative effects.

These laminates are then bonded to a core board in a separate process with glue under pressure. Heat is often is used to accelerate the curing process.

*** Clearance Items ***

The following items are available subject unsold - collected or plus packaging & freight (all prices plus VAT)

Birch Plywood - Brown Smooth Film both sides:

  • 12mm 2440x1220mm
    • 40 sheets @ £30 each
      • or £700 to clear
  • 15mm 2440x1220mm
    • 17 sheets @ £50 each
      • or £500 to clear

Visit Film faced plywood for full product details

Birch Plywood - RAL 6005 Moss Green polypropylene both sides (UV-stable):

  • 9mm 1220x2440mm
    • 2 sheets @ £50 to clear
  • 12mm 1220x2500mm
    • 18 sheets @ £50 each
      • or £600 to clear

Visit Polypropylene faced plywood for full product details

Colours, Woodgrains, Metallics & Patterns

In principle we can supply bespoke production using any laminate you require, e.g. Abet Laminati, Formica and Polyrey. (It is often possible to offer a closest match to colour systems such as RAL Classic, NCS and Pantone)

Below is our standard range of laminates (actual size of images = 150x150mm)

Standard range - Plain Colours:

  • Black 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1525mm
  • Black 002(Gloss)Max: 3050x1525mm
  • Black 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Black 005(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 003(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 007(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 009(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 011(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 012(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 013(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Blue 014(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Brown 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Brown 005(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Brown 006(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Cream 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Cream 004(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Green 006(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Green 012(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Green 013(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 005(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 007(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 009(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 010(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 013(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 014(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 015(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 016(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 017(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 018(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 019(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Grey 020(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Orange 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Pink 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Pink 002(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Purple 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Purple 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Red 003(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Red 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1525mm
  • White 002(Gloss)Max: 3050x1525mm
  • White 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 005(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 006(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 007(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 008(Tuff Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • White 009(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Yellow 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm

Standard range - Woodgrains:

Standard range - Real Metallic Foil:

  • Aluminium 001(Brushed)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Aluminium 002(Polished)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Aluminium 003(Matt)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Copper 001(Brushed)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Gold 001(Brushed)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Gold 002(Polished)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Pewter 001(Polished)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Steel 001(Brushed)Max: 3050x1220mm

Standard range - Abstracts:

  • BrushedMetal 001(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • BrushedMetal 002(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • BrushedMetal 003(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Concrete 003(Str2)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Concrete 004(Satin)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Concrete 005(Stone)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Galaxy 001(Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Galaxy 002(Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Galaxy 003(Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm
  • Galaxy 004(Gloss)Max: 3050x1220mm


Winwood Products is a Laminated Plywood & MDF supplier offering the following range of options: