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High quality decorative products

Lacquered, Painted, Oiled, Waxed & Primed Plywood

Painted plywood
  • Roller, spray & curtain coating processes
  • Options at relatively low quantity
  • Paint, lacquer or primer coating
  • Multiple core material types
  • Most common size: 2440x1220mm (or similar)
  • Special sizes up to 3700x1800mm / 3120x2030mm (longer if scarf jointed)


We can supply all manner of different plywoods coated with a variety of lacquered, painted & primed finishes to match your required colour or finish. (The surface finish can be sprayed, curtain coated or roller/brush applied.)

Often we are asked to supply a paint or lacquer match to a specific colour from a standard colour system such as RAL Classic, BS 4800, BS 381, NCS, Pantone - all we need is the required reference and whether one or both sides is required to be painted.

Plywood of many types can be also used as the core of the finishes shown on our specialist timber cladding & components page, and we are potentially able to match to an existing colour that is not already detailed within a particular matching system, providing you can supply a sample of what is required.

In order to gain a more uniform and even surface a specially engineered paper overlay can often be applied over the plywood face prior to painting.

Typical core options

Winwood Products is a supplier of prefinished plywood offering the following configurations/options:

Colour systems

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Technical details

  • Thickness:
    • 3-40mm - thicker by arrangement
  • Standard sizes:
    • Dependent upon product, typically 2440x1220mm, 2500x1220mm, 2550x1250mm with some also 3050x1220mm/1525mm
  • Special sizes:
    • Other sizes available, subject to agreement up to maximum 3700x1800mm / 3120x2030mm
  • Tolerances:
    • Typically as per EN 315 (others by arrangement)
  • Finish types:
    • 'Dead Matt' (<5% sheen)
    • Matt (5-10% sheen)
    • Satin (20-40% sheen)
    • Gloss (50-70% sheen)
    • High Gloss (>70%-90% sheen - typically achieved by burnishing)
  • Coating processes:
    • Roller/brush applied
    • Sprayed
    • Curtain coated
  • Other options:
    • Face of panel can often be coated with paper prior to painting to achieve a more uniform surface finish
  • Performance:
    • EN 636-1 - Interior usage & minimal exposure to moisture
    • EN 636-2 - Covered exterior usage, e.g. soffits & behind cladding
    • EN 636-3 - Fully exposed exterior usage, e.g. exterior hoardings