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High-quality commercial & technical plywoods

Beech Plywood

Beech Plywood: Beech veneer
  • Unjointed, single-piece faces available from stock (grade II+)
  • No patches to either face
  • 4mm-100mm thick
  • Stock thickness: 4mm-45mm
  • Stock size: 2550x1250mm
  • Stocked in closed core = no open defects anywhere in the panel core
  • To special order up to:
    2550x1830mm (beech throughout) or
    3660x1220mm & 2500x2070mm (beech faced)
  • Can be supplied raw or precoated with lacquer, oil or special finishes


Beech plywood is used for many different applications, ranging from industrial & engineering uses, to the manufacture of decorative furniture & shopfitting. It is used where lower-cost, commercial plywood products such as birch are not suitable, whether for its performance or aesthetic purposes.

Beech plywood is often incorporated into decorative furniture, particularly with the plywood edges left exposed - or even accentuated - to reveal the uniform colour & grain of beech throughout the panel.

Beech plywood is also commonly used where its high strength & rigidity or the hard-wearing decorative surface veneer layer is an advantage (e.g. workbenches, flooring, industrial & school furniture, engineering applications).

This wood is also available in the form of: beech 'Triply' 3-layer panel, beech fineline, and decorative beech veneered panels & doors

In detail

Winwood Products is a beech plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options:

Beech throughout plywood

Beech Plywood: Beech throughout plywood

This high-quality beech throughout panel can be supplied using a combination of different veneer thicknesses.

The normal construction is generally based around 1.66mm/2.5mm core veneers with 1.66mm faces (2.5mm @ 25mm + thicker).

Panels can be manufactured specially to order using 0.8mm, 1.66mm & 2.5mm veneers as standard - with other veneer thicknesses produced to order.

Beech throughout plywood has high mechanical properties and can be relied upon to perform in a regular and predictable manner under stressful conditions due to its being made from veneers of beech throughout.

Plywood of this type is used in the manufacture of toys, vehicles, workbenches & tables, decorative furniture, and many other applications where a plywood product offering high-performance & dimensional stability in a consistant manner is required.

Beech faced plywood

Beech Plywood: Beech faced plywood - beech/fir combi plywood

Beech can be mixed with other species used wholly or partly as the core, most typically using a poplar plywood or silver fir plywood core.

Including these particular woods in the makeup of the panel core offers a product that is lighter in weight but remains beech faced.

Plywood constructed in this manner can be supplied as 'beech combi plywood' - where every other veneer is beech, or 'beech twinply' - where only the face veneers are of beech.

It is possible to mix higher value woods such as ash, maple, oak, etc into the core, for example to achieve a high quality contrasting edge effect that profiles cleanly & precisely. Other woods, specially dyed veneers for example, can be incorporated into the core to achieve a particular desired edge appearance.

Unidirectional beech plywood (beech drawerside plywood)

Beech Plywood: Unidirectional beech drawerside plywood

This more unusual layup increases the bending strength & stiffness in the direction of the grain, at a small reduction across the grain.This makes the panel perform in a manner more akin to beech lumber, sometimes leading the panel to be called beech LVL (beech laminated veneer lumber).

Unidirectional beech plywood is often used where the appearance of the panel edges is of paramount importance.

Because every alternate layer is now in the same direction the number of torn fibres caused by cutting or profiling end grain is reduced, giving an overall cleaner edge finish.

This product is often used as beech drawerside plywood, beech plywood skirtings, etc.

In the normal construction of this product, the core veneer directly under the face is bonded at right angles to all the other layers. This has been found to offer increased stability across the face and therefore to reduce the incidence of splitting on the face veneer, although all the veneers can be laid in the same direction if this is what you specifically require.

Decorative veneer faced beech plywood

Any of our wide range of decorative real wood veneers can be bonded onto beech plywood core.


Closed Core:

The veneers used throughout the plywood cores are most often graded to ensure there are no open defects anywhere within the central core. Beech plywood panels produced in this manner are described as having 'closed' cores, while standard cores may allow small open defects within the central core of the boards.

Whether the panel is beech throughout its construction, or has been combined with other woods, both options are available to you.

Technical details - General:

  • Thickness:
    • See below (non-standard thickness by arrangement)
  • Standard sizes:
    • See below
  • Special sizes:
    • See below
  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width: up to 1m @ ±1mm, up to 2m @ ±2mm , 2m & above @ ±3mm
    • Thickness: +0.2mm, -0.5mm
    • (Others by arrangement)
  • Face combinations:
    • II+/III in stock, I/II, II/II, II/III, III/III to special order
  • Specification:
    • EN 636-2 - Protected exterior usage
    • EN 636-3 - Fully exterior usage
  • Bonding:
    • Clear glue always used for cleaner edge-finish
    • EN 636-2 = EN 314-2 Class 2 (Protected exteriors only)
    • EN 636-3 = EN 314-2 Class 3 (Fully exterior)
    • (see above for panel performance)
  • Other features:
    • Available with no open defects throughout the core
    • Special beech plywood layup available - core veneers of 0.83mm or 1.66mm thickness
    • Also available with unidirectional veneers
    • Can be supplied as 100% beech throughout plywood, or with a core to any required mix of other species

Beech Throughout Plywood:

  • Standard sizes:
    • 2200x1250mm, 2550x1250mm, 2550x1530mm, 2550x1850mm
    • 1250x2200mm, 1250x2550mm, 1530x2550mm, 1850x2550mm (i.e. cross grain)
  • Special sizes:
    • Any size can be supplied, up to maximum 2550x1850mm or 1850x2550mm
  • Face veneer:
    • 1.66mm (less than 25mm), 2.5mm (25mm + above)
    • Others by arrangement
  • Core veneer:
    • 1.66mm & 2.5mm in balanced layout to achieve target thickness
    • Special construction by arrangement
  • Standard thicknesses:
  • 3mm =2.3 kg/m2
  • 4mm =3.0 kg/m2
  • 6mm =4.5 kg/m2
  • 8mm =5.9 kg/m2
  • 10mm =7.4 kg/m2
  • 12mm =8.9 kg/m2
  • 15mm =11.0 kg/m2
  • 18mm =13.2 kg/m2
  • 19mm =13.9 kg/m2
  • 21mm =15.3 kg/m2
  • 25mm =18.2 kg/m2
  • 30mm =21.8 kg/m2
  • 35mm =25.3 kg/m2
  • 40mm =28.9 kg/m2
  • 45mm =32.6 kg/m2
  • 50mm =36.0 kg/m2
  • 55mm =39.9 kg/m2
  • 60mm =43.5 kg/m2
  • 70mm =50.4 kg/m2
  • 80mm =57.6 kg/m2
  • 90mm =64.8 kg/m2
  • 100mm =72.0 kg/m2

Beech Throughout 'Fineply' Plywood

(1.66mm veneers throughout):

  • Standard sizes:
    • 2200x1250mm, 2550x1250mm
    • 1250x2200mm, 1250x2550mm (i.e. cross grain)
  • Special sizes:
    • Any size can be supplied, up to maximum 2550x1250mm or 1250x2550mm
  • Face & core veneer:
    • 1.66mm
  • Standard thicknesses:
  • 4.5mm =3.2 kg/m2
  • 8.0mm =5.8 kg/m2
  • 11.0mm =7.9 kg/m2
  • 14.5mm =10.4 kg/m2
  • 17.5mm =12.6 kg/m2
  • 21.0mm =15.1 kg/m2
  • 24.0mm =17.3 kg/m2
  • 31.0mm =22.3 kg/m2
  • 34.0mm =24.5 kg/m2
  • 40.5mm =29.2 kg/m2
  • 44.0mm =31.7 kg/m2
  • 50.5mm =36.4 kg/m2
  • 54.0mm =38.9 kg/m2
  • 60.5mm =43.6 kg/m2

Beech Throughout 'Piano Plywood'

(0.83mm beech veneers throughout):

  • Standard sizes:
    • 1250x1250mm
  • Face & core veneer:
    • 0.83mm
  • Standard thicknesses:
  • 4.0mm =2.9 kg/m2
  • 5.8mm =4.2 kg/m2
  • 7.5mm =5.4 kg/m2
  • 10.8mm =7.8 kg/m2
  • 12.3mm =8.9 kg/m2
  • 15.8mm =11.4 kg/m2
  • 20.8mm =15.0 kg/m2
  • 25.8mm =18.6 kg/m2
  • 31.6mm =22.8 kg/m2
  • 36.0mm =25.9 kg/m2
  • 41.0mm =29.5 kg/m2
  • 44.5mm =32.0 kg/m2
  • 50.8mm =36.6 kg/m2