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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood: Rotary birch veneer
  • 4mm-50mm immediately available
  • Stock sizes (loose sheets):
  • Stock sizes (pallets):
    As above plus 1220 / 1525x3050mm, 1830x3660mm
  • Standard birch without jointed faces available to special order up to max 1880x4000mm or 2150x3850mm in pallets
  • Al items can be supplied prefinished lacquer or oil coating in matt, satin, gloss or high-gloss sheen


Birch plywood is a well-known, good quality utility plywood panel that has a very good strength to weight ratio, and is relied upon to be stable under various ambient moisture conditions. It is used in various industrial & engineering applications, and used extensively for furniture manufacture & shopfitting.

This product is commonly used where a stable product with a light, blond surface is desired, especially where a relatively low cost is also required.

Types of birch plywood

Winwood Products is a birch plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options:

Birch Plywood

(See below for scans of various veneer grades)

Birch Plywood: Birch throughout plywood
  • Stock item
  • Thickness: 4mm-50mm
  • Loose sheets available in size 2440x1220mm
  • Pallets available in 2440x1220mm, 1220x3050mm, 1525x3050mm, 1830x3660mm

Birch plywood is a high-quality utility plywood product that is used for applications where a very strong & resilient, attractive plywood is required.

It is widely used as the substrate for laminates, veneers, painting and other coatings due to its stability, in such applications such as toy & model making, interior decoration, and in the manufacture of a variety of sports equipment.

This product is most often used in its patched form, with some thicknesses also avaialble without patches to one side.

  • Quantity:
    • Some stock items available in split pallets, others in single pallet quantity per item
    • Special order items typically in single pallets per item
  • Stock sizes:
    • 2440x1220mm, 1220x3050mm, 1525x3050mm, 1830x3660mm
  • Max size:
    • 1880x4000mm or 2150x3850mm
  • Stock thickness:
    • 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 30mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm
      (composites available up to max 100mm)
  • Gluing:
    • All our birch plywood is bonded with exterior resin glue (EN 314-2 Class 3)
  • Finishing:

Standard Birch Plywood Face Grades

  • Clear Grade Birch Plywood

    B or S+ depending upon producer (nearest EN 635-2 Class I)

    Birch Plywood: Clear Grade B or S+ birch veneer

    Faces that may remain visible - ideal for any type of finishing, i.e. clear coatings such as varnishes & lacquer, or pigmented finishes such as paints & other surface coating systems.

    A natural-coloured & sanded, almost defect-free, single-piece veneer that is clear of all patches. Some hairline cracks and intergrown pin knots to max 6mm dia. are allowed (max 3/m2)

    (Total number of defects allowed = max. 3)

  • BB Grade Birch Plywood

    (nearest EN 635-2 Class III)

    Birch Plywood: BB Grade birch veneer

    Natural face with colour variations suitable for coating with non-transparent overlays & films, paints, varnishes, veneers, laminates.

    As S grade except may contain healthy knots max dia. 25mm (total = 60mm/m2) and patches or filler to repair open defects. (Patches are typically butterfly-shaped but may be oval.)

    May also contain light discolouration, good repairs, and some limited glue stains (max 2% of area / 5% @ 24mm + thicker). Some mills allow jointed faces.

    (Total number of defects allowed = max. 9)

Other Birch Plywood Grades

  • S Grade Birch Plywood

    (nearest EN 635-2 Class II)

    Birch Plywood: S Grade birch veneer

    Faces destined for coatings such as varnishes & lacquer, or pigmented finishes such as paints & laminates.

    As Clear grade, except may also contain a few pin knots or healthy & live knots without cracks, small, well-done putty repair work that blends well with the rest of the surface, and very light discolouration. Patches allowed to max 1/m2. Some mills allow faces jointed for width.

    (Total number of defects allowed = max. 6)

  • CP Grade Birch Plywood

    (nearest EN 635-2 Class IV)

    Birch Plywood: CP Grade birch veneer

    Commercial face with patches & putty work performed - ideal for non-visible uses and overlaying with heavy laminates.

    May contain healthy knots up to 65mm diameter, small loose knots, cracks, bark and overlapping. May also include natural discolouration, glue stains, repairs and any form of putty work and repairs. This is a Russian grading, so patches will typically be oval.

    (Defects allowed without limit)

  • C/WG Grade Birch Plywood

    (nearest EN 635-2 Class IV)

    Birch Plywood: C Grade birch veneer

    Plywood face designed for packaging and similar uses where surface appearance is not important.

    May contain all the natural wood characteristics and various processing defects, provided these do not compromise the functions of the plywood. (NB: The presence of fungi and metal parts is not allowed).

    (Defects allowed without limit)


Technical Details - General:

  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width:
      Typical: up to 1m @ ±1mm, up to 2m @ ±2mm , 2m & above @ ±3mm
    • Thickness (standard birch):
      Ranges from 4mm @ +0.3mm/-0.4mm to 50mm @ ±1.2mm
    • (Special tolerances by arrangement)
  • Approximate weights of birch plywood by nominal thickness:
  • 4mm =2.7 kg/m2
  • 6mm =4.4 kg/m2
  • 9mm =6.3 kg/m2
  • 12mm =8.2 kg/m2
  • 15mm =10.1 kg/m2
  • 18mm =12.0 kg/m2
  • 21mm =13.9 kg/m2
  • 24mm =15.9 kg/m2
  • 27mm =18.0 kg/m2
  • 30mm =20.0 kg/m2
  • 35mm =23.8 kg/m2
  • 40mm =26.3 kg/m2
  • 45mm =29.6 kg/m2
  • 50mm =33.7 kg/m2