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High-quality commercial & technical plywoods

Soundproof Plywood

Soundproof Plywood: Okoume sound-reduction plywood
  • Reduces transmitted sound by up to 40dB
  • Standard thicknesses of 12mm-25mm
  • Typical sizes: 2500x1220/1250mm
  • Maximum size 3050x1525mm
  • Based on okoume or birch plywood core
  • Can also be supplied with slip-resistant or laminated faces, or coated with lacquer, oil, veneers, or special finishes


Soundproof plywood inhibits the transmission of sounds through its thickness, e.g. from room-to-room.

Plywood of this nature is often used in the manufacture & refurbishment of transport vehicles, such as buses, trains and boats, sports hall floors, and interior partition walls of buildings, to protect the passenger compartment of boats, buses or trains from an engine or to separate an office or apartment from a machine room... or even a noisy neighbour!

Standard core plywood types are okoume or birch. Both can be faced with any one of our decorative veneers to produce decorative veneer faced soundproof plywood

Also available as slip-resistant sound-reduction plywood or  laminate faced sound-reduction plywood

In detail

Minimizing the transmission of sound along and through its thickness, soundproof plywood is effective at reducing the amount of weight needed to achieve a required level of sound protection in or out of a room, while also offering excellent strength/load carrying capacities.

This composite panel is manufactured by bonding one or more sheets of plywood to either side of one or more layers of a sound-reducing layer of cork or an engineered rubber composite, achieving excellent performance.


Airborne sound insulation & weight by thickness (typical):

Okoume Sound-Reduction Plywood (ISO 140):

  • Minimum order:
    • 10/20 sheets (in brackets below)
  • Sound insulation:
    • Rubberised core:
    • (10) 12mm (RW = 35dB / 12.3kg/m2)
    • (10) 15mm (RW = 37dB / 13.8kg/m2)
    • (20) 18mm (RW = 40dB / 15.1kg/m2)
    • (20) 25mm (RW = 40dB / 18.6kg/m2)
  • Standard sizes:
    • 2500x1220mm
    • 2500x1530mm
    • (Others by arrangement, subject to quantity and lead-time)

Birch Sound-Reduction Plywood (ISO 717):

  • Minimum order:
    • Pallet per item (in brackets below)
  • Sound insulation:
    • Rubberised core:
    • (50) 12mm (RW = 28dB / 8.4kg/m2)
    • (40) 15mm (RW = 28dB / 11.0kg/m2)
    • (35) 18mm (RW = 29dB / 13.1kg/m2)
    • Cork-rubber core:
    • (75) 12mm (RW = 29dB / 8.4kg/m2)
    • (60) 15mm (RW = 32dB / 11.0kg/m2)
    • (50) 18mm (RW = 33dB / 13.1kg/m2)
    • (40) 21mm (RW = 34dB / 14.5kg/m2)
  • Standard sizes:
    • 1250x2500mm
    • 1500x2500mm
    • 1525x3050mm
    • (Others by arrangement, subject to quantity and lead-time)
  • Tolerances:
    • In accordance with EN 315 unless otherwise agreed
  • Specification:
    • EN 636-2 - Limited high moisture applications (EN 314-2 Class 2 gluing)
  • Other features:
    • Can be supplied machined to pattern/design upon request
    • Other constructions available