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Pepperwood Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Also called Californian pimento burl, American/Peruvian pepper, escobilla, pepper burr and pimenteira, pepperwood is a small to moderately sized tree (growing to a height of 15 metres, and 5-10 metres wide) that is found from southern California, through Mexico to as far south as central Chile & Argentina. It is found extensively in the Peruvian Andes, where it has been grown for culinary & medicinal purposes as far back as the Incas, and this attractive veneer is sourced solely from the butt of the tree. Much like a burr veneer therefore, the veneer is only available in relatively short lengths, often requiring 'book and butt' matching to achieve the overall length required.

Pepperwood veneer generally has a background colour of a mixture of salmon pink, yellowish green or light golden brown, and is marked with irregular grey-black, tan, or brown veining. Very often pepperwood exhibits pip centered burr eyes, and can have swirl in places, giving the possibility of achieving a great variety of effects when jointed.