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In principle, we can arrange any form of servicing that may be required to convert a product into a form that is best for your needs.

Below are a small indication of what we can offer to help you achieve your aims:

Cutting & machining

Profiled Plywood: Ovolo profiled beech-fir combi plywood, bullnosed oak throughout plywood and chamfered Carat pattern plywood
  • Saw cut to size
  • Edge profiled to pattern
  • Machining or further processing by hand

Perforated panels, e.g drilling & slotting

Perforated panel: Flame-retardant acoustic birch plywood with clear lacquer coat
  • Drilled to design
  • Slotted or other pattern to design
  • CNC routered (up to 6-axis available)
  • Machining or further processing by hand

Surface structuring & finishing

Structured surface: Ash throughout plywood
  • Sculptured or otherwise surface textured
  • Sanded or calibrated to specification
  • Spray finished with matt, satin or gloss lacquer and paint
  • Roller-applied matt, satin or gloss lacquer and paint
  • Wax- or oil-coating
  • Primed surface for recoating by others
  • Flame-retardant surface coatings, e.g. intumescent lacquer


Laminated composite plywood: Sound-reduction plywood
  • Real wood veneers
  • High-pressure laminates
  • Foam incorporated into the material's core
  • Rubberised or cork core layers to reduce sound transmission
  • Special composites produced by bonding multiple materials

Assembly & bespoke packaging

Shopfitting: bespoke drawer unit
  • Flatpack or fully assembled furniture
  • Semi-finished components for use in flat-pack sets
  • Materials assembled to your instructions/design, e.g. curved elements, composites of multiple materials
  • Packaged to your specific requirements


  • Flame-retardant impregnation & coating
  • Special glue preparation, e.g. no-added-formaldehyde, flexible glueline
  • Preservative treatment, e.g. anti-rot, anti-fungus and anti-insect