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Winwood Products

Distributor of Technical Forest Products, Finished & Semi-Finished Goods

Wouldn't it be refreshing to deal with a company that specializes in technical & decorative wood-based materials - especially one that can be relied upon to supply the exact product needed according to an agreed delivery schedule, and shipped wherever they may be required, e.g. late-night timed deliveries via mechanical offload to a site with restricted access?

You can now achieve this aim, because we supply a wide range of materials to markets as diverse as; construction, shopfitting, vehicle manufacture, furniture & joinery, packaging, engineering and many more.

You will discover for yourself that one of our major strengths is the emphasis we place on specialist end-user requirements, and tailoring products and the nature of supply to suit your needs as closely as possible.

Our Products

The full range of products listed on this website can be supplied as raw materials, or we can service them right up to the point of supplying fully finished goods; in reality we hand over the goods at whichever point in the production process best suits your needs!

Below is a small selection of products often requested by customers:

Our Objective

With the accent on long-term business partnerships, it is our policy to concentrate on detail in order to ensure that the quality of both product and service remains at the highest level.

Our customers & suppliers have discovered time and again that this strategy helps to increase their own profitability.

Customers & Suppliers

We have sole-distribution agreements in place with a number of leading manufacturers and a broad spectrum of customers in various design, manufacturing & distribution sectors, who rely heavily upon our expertise to supply goods & materials to the most demanding specifications.

By matching the technical characteristics and grades of various forest products to the end-use, we have helped ensure customers avoid the risk of buying unsuitable products that leave them exposed to unforeseen additional costs & other liabilities. At the same time we have helped specialist suppliers to establish a long-term market in the UK for their products.

Our success has been in introducing new & innovative products to the marketplace, and helping both customers & suppliers to add value to their own business.

We would be pleased to be given the opportunity to demonstrate to you first-hand our quality of service and expertise, whether you are a potential partner in the form of customer or supplier.