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Engineered wood, technical panels and furniture

Engineered Wood, Technical Panels and Furniture

Shopfitting: Bespoke drawer unit - grooved drawers, mitred corners & cut ends
  • Flatpack or fully assembled furniture
  • Semi-finished components
  • Panels made to order, e.g. curved elements, composites of multiple materials
  • Softwood or hardwood lumber machined to pattern
  • CNC machined, drilled/slotted and/or edge-profiled to pattern
  • Painted, lacquered, waxed or otherwise coated to your requirements

We hand over the product at any point in the manufacturing cycle that suits you, e.g. as raw materials, semi-finished goods (i.e. CNC machined, profiled, spray finished, etc.) right up to fully-assembled furniture.

We are often asked, "What can Winwood Products supply?" In this case the real question is "What do YOU need?"


All products are produced to your specific requirements, e.g. dimensions, finish, construction.

If you can design a wood-based product using any combination of materials, subject to physical restraints we can generally supply it exactly to your requirements.

Our product range is limited only by your imagination and previous supplies include combinations of the following:

  • Full assembly
    • Shopfitting furniture, fittings & components
    • Kitchen & bedroom furniture
    • Garden products
  • Semi-finished goods
    • CNC machining, drilling or edge-profiling to pattern
    • Painted, lacquered, waxed or other surface finishing
    • Composite construction
    • Non-flammable slip-resistant coating to plywood
  • Specialty panels
    • Plywood faced with clear non-slip coating
    • Foam core plywood with a wood or polyester/laminate face
    • Plywood panels with T&G or half-lap profile for use in the manufacture of industrial doors, decorative cladding, etc.
    • Perforated or slotted veneered plywood, MDF & chipboard


In essence, if you can design a wood-based product for a specific application, we can supply it, and commonly requested attributes include:

  • Materials cut/machined/drilled to specific size/design
  • Edges profiled to a specific pattern
  • Facing with non-standard veneer, laminate or other form of covering
  • Edge-banded or lipped panels
  • Composite core construction, e.g. foam core plywood
  • Lamination using various materials
  • Part or full assembly
  • Packaged to customer's specification

We can supply any combination of the above attributes within a single item, and will endeavour to achieve the lead-time that you need.

All we need is to confirm the full details of your specific requirements and we will do the rest for you!

Examples of previous work

Below are some examples of supplies previously made: