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High quality decorative products

Veneered Panels & Doors

Lacquered American walnut veneered FD30 fire door
  • Standard range of over 350 different veneers
  • Jointed and/or inlaid to pattern
  • Standard and composite cores
  • Available as bespoke matched sets
  • Plywood, MDF, fire doors, paperbacked veneers or jointed layons

Architectural veneered panels & doors

In detail

Design & view in full size your architectural veneered panels & doors and jointed veneer layons using any of our standard range of Premier Grade architectural quality veneers. These products are most often produced to order using architectural quality veneers (Premier Grade), although some of the more common veneers may be available from stock in commercial grade where price is the highest priority.

Premier Grade veneered panels & doors are produced to any size & thickness and on any core or combinations of core materials. These panels are used extensively for high-end applications, such as kitchens, bedrooms & bespoke furniture, and can be supplied in relatively small quantities.

Commercial veneered panels are available in a more limited range and supplied in larger quantities (e.g. pallets or part pallets) where they are used for larger volume installations such as shopfitting, where a lower cost is required without the extensive capabilities offered by our Premier Grade veneer range.

See more details about veneer grading.

The main advantages of veneered panels over solid lumber

Better yield from the same resources

1m3 of logs sawn and prepared at a 60% yield will result in around 25m2 of lumber at 25mm thickness - the same log will give up to 1000m2 of decorative veneer !!!

Greater uniformity of colour/grain from piece to piece

While each piece of lumber is completely different, by using veneer it is possible to limit colour/grain variations, as a larger area can be sourced from the same log

Dimensionally more stable

These products offer the finish of the real wood, but with all the advantages of an engineered product such as MDF or plywood, for instance with regards to movement due to changes in ambient moisture content

Wide range of decorative options

Can be supplied with inlays installed in any configuration you may design, and can also be supplied in industry standard sizes and/or produced to specific sizes to suit your particular needs.