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Acacia Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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What the trade commonly calls Acacia veneer is actually Robinia, and is also often called false acacia & black locust. It is a distinctive tree that has been more valued for horticultural uses than for its timber in the past, often planted in parks & decorative gardens, after being introduced into the UK from the USA 3-400 years ago. 

Acacia veneer ranges from very pale pink/yellow through to a light green/honey colour, that dulls somewhat after exposure to the air.

Acacia veneer grain is usually straight but sometimes-interlocked, with an even texture. The wood is fairly tough and produces a very smooth surface for furniture and polishes well. As a result it is in increasing demand for furniture designers and manufacturers.

As with a lot of woods, steaming the logs for an extended period causes the wood to darken to a light chocolate brown. 

Fumed acacia is produced by exposing acacia veneers to the fumes of ammonia in a sealed compartment. This process darkens the acacia veneer and also enhances the grain pattern.