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High quality decorative products

Decorative Products

Winwood Products offers the following decorative products:

Veneered Panels & Doors

American walnut veneered FD30 fire door
  • Standard range of over 350 different veneers
  • Jointed and/or inlaid to pattern
  • Standard and composite cores
  • Available as bespoke matched sets
  • Plywood, MDF, fire doors, paperbacked veneers or jointed layons

Real wood veneered products manufactured using a combination of over 350 high-quality veneers that are pressed onto virtually any type of core or composite.

Veneer designs, inlays & concealed lippings can be incorporated into your specific requirements in panel thicknesses ranging from 1mm up to 100mm.

Laminated Plywood & MDF

Laminated Plywood, MDF & Doors
  • Thickness = 6mm-50mm - (composites up to 100mm)
  • Standard panel sizes = 2440 / 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mm
  • Max size = 3660x1830mm (subject to availability of core and laminate chosen)
  • Wide range of colours & decors
  • Hard-wearing surface
  • Wide variety of core materials available
  • Also available fire retardant to EN 13501 Class B

Hard-wearing HPL (high-pressure laminate) bonded to one or both faces of a wide range of core materials.

Choose from our standard range of laminates or specify a particular brand of laminate if preferred.

Sculptured Panels

Sculptured Panels: Reed pattern in Light Walnut effect
  • Panels start at 8mm thickness
  • Produced to order in special sizes if required
  • Bespoke patterns can be produced to your specific design
  • Can be tileable - the pattern is matched across panels
  • Unfinished or prefinished with lacquer, oil, wax, paint or laminate
  • Designs can be supplied in plywood

A range of deeply contoured panels usually supplied in the form of deep rout MDF or through-coloured MDF.

These designs can also be supplied in the form of solid timber panels, or plywoods such as beech throughout plywood and maple throughout plywood.

Fineline Striped Plywood

Fineline Striped Plywood
  • 4mm-150mm thick (thicker by arrangement)
  • Unidirectional ash, beech & oak stocked in size 2300x350mm
  • Ash, beech, birch, maple & oak stocked in 2400x400mm
  • To special order up to: 3050x400mm
    (wider panels can be achieved by bonding multiple sections together)
  • Multiple woods can be mixed within one panel
  • Supplied raw or precoated with lacquer, oil or special finishes

This decorative striped plywood is manufactured using a combination of strips of woods that are bonded together to form a decorative panel product.

Multiple wood types and multi-coloured combination products possible.

Through-Coloured MDF

Through-Coloured MDF
  • 8mm-30mm thick
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Uniformity of colour throughout
  • Environmentally friendly & non-toxic
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellent for deep and heavily patterned CNC machining
  • Mechanical resistance 30% higher than standard MDF
  • Also available fire retardant to EN 13501 Class B,s2-d0

Through-coloured MDF with a dye mixed within production to ensure a uniform colour right through to the core.

Excellent machining propeties for smooth finish, and available in flame-retardant options.

Melamine Faced Birch Plywood

Melamine Faced Birch Plywood
  • Stock thickness = 6mm-30mm
  • Stock panel size = 2440x1220mm, 1250x2500mm, 1500x3000mm
  • Heavy duty coating (minimum 395g/m2)
  • Smooth semi-matt surface
  • White held in stock, other decors to special order in single/multi-pallet quantity

Melamine faced plywoods are tough, waterproof and scratch resistant. They are sued in many applications such as for kitchen carcasses and doors, vehicle fitouts, and shopfitting.

Polypropylene Faced Birch Plywood

Polypropylene Faced Birch Plywood
  • Stock thickness = 9mm-18mm
    (Special order = 6mm-30mm)
  • Stock panel size = 1220x2440mm, 1525x3050mm
    (Special order to max 1525x3660mm)
  • Wide range of colours
  • Hard-wearing, stippled surface
  • UV-resistant (rated 6-7 according to DIN 54004)
  • EN 636-3 (fully exposed exterior applications)

This resilient laminated plywood is constructed using a strong birch plywood core with a multilayer polypropylene coating & lacquer on one or both faces. This covering is bonded to the core using an elastic two component glue meeting EN 204 D4 for exterior applications.

Smooth Phenolic Film Faced Birch Plywood

Smooth Phenolic Film Faced Birch Plywood
  • Stock thickness (dual-sided = 12mm-18mm)
  • Stock panel size = 2440x1220mm
  • Smooth surface resistant to chemicals including freshly-poured concrete
  • Up to 100 concrete pours possible if managed correctly
  • Also available in single-sided as the reverse of phenolic slip-resistant plywoods

Smooth phenolic film faced plywoods are tough, waterproof and scratch resistant. They are designed to offer an improved quality of finish and help achieve multiple re-uses in concrete formwork, If cared for properly between pours, the smooth and chemical-resistant surface can allow them to be reused up to 100 times.