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African Walnut Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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African Walnut is also known as Mpengwa, Anamemila, Apopo, Sida, Bombulu, Dibetou, Congowood and, in the US, Tigerwood. It is found in west tropical Africa from Sierra Leone to Gabon, occurring in evergreen and deciduous forests and preferring moist sites.

African Walnut sapwood is narrow and buff or pale grey-brown in colour and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood, which is yellowish brown and is sometimes marked with dark streaks or veins. Dark gum lines are typical and add to its attractive appearance.

The grain of African Walnut veneer is generally interlocked, producing an attractive ribbon figure with alternating zones of darker and lighter colored wood tissue or a stripe figure on quartersawn surfaces, and texture is fine and uniform.