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Amboyna Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Amboyna burr is sourced from South East Asian Padouk, which is a group of similar timbers such as Andaman Padauk, New Guinea Rosewood, Angsana, Sena and Narra. The trees are found in the Philippines, Borneo, Burma, New Guinea, and the Malaysian Archipelago, where they are often planted for shade along roadsides and as an ornamental.

Amboyna sapwood is whitish or pale straw colour and clearly defined from the heartwood, which is light yellow to golden brown, or reddish brown to a distinct red.

 Amboyna veneer grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy, together with dark growth bands produce an attractive figure and texture moderately fine to moderately coarse and uneven due to the ring-porous structure.

The wood is somewhat lustrous and has a fragrant odour which persists even when dry.

Amboyna Burr is created by abnormal growth, or excrescences, which are common to most trees. Irritation or injury forms an interwoven, contorted, or gnarly mass of dense woody tissue from which this veneer is harvested. The burrs from this tree are typically very small and expensive, and are therefore often used to create inlaid feature panels, rather than as full-sized sheets.