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American Tulipwood Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Also called Tulip Poplar, Yellow Poplar, American Poplar, American Whitewood & Magnolia (in its burr form), American Tulipwood grows right across the eastern and midwest United States - from Connecticut and New York southward to Florida and westward to Missouri. The greatest commercial production of yellow-poplar lumber is in the South and Southeast.

The sapwood of American Tulipwood is whitish or creamy white and several centimetres wide, tending to be narrower in old-growth trees. It is usually variegated or striped, while the heartwood varies greatly in its colouring. Older trees tend to yield a variety of colours, ranging from pale-olive (darkening to yellowish-brown), clear yellow, tan or greenish brown, and sometimes streaked with blue or shades of purple, dark green, blue and black. Heartwood in younger trees tends to be pale white (similar to the sapwood) sometimes with annual rings that show as very pale brown lines

American Tulipwood veneer, which is generally straight grained, occasionally with an attractive figure, typically fine and even in texture and with a fine lustre.

Magnolia Burr veneer is obtained from some older trees, which may develop a burr growth with a large area of green heartwood.