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European Birch Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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European Birch is also known as Birch, Silver Birch and Warty Birch. It is found throughout Europe and usually sold by the country of origin, e.g. Finnish Birch.

Both Birch heartwood and sapwood are almost white or very light brown, with no distinct difference between them.

European Birch veneer grain is typically straight, although deviation can produce a variety of figures which are sometimes used as names for the wood, according to the figure displayed, and texture is fine and even.

Masur birch veneer is rotary peeled from logs that have been attacked by the larvae of a beetle (an insect known as Agromyzia carbonaria is usually responsible). Its larvae burrowing in the cambium of the tree create what are known as pith flecks, pith-like cells which cause dark markings in the wood, and localized grain disturbances, producing an attractive flecked and swirling figure.