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American Black Walnut Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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About three-quarters of American Black Walnut is grown in the central United States and, while the sapwood is whitish to yellowish brown, it is a common practice to steam or stain the sapwood to match its colour with that of the heartwood, which varies from light greyish brown to deep chocolate brown, to an almost black purplish brown.

American Black Walnut veneer grain is slightly open and usually straight, but may be wavy or irregular. The texture is usually coarse, but uniform and this specie is well suited for natural finishes. Because of its good properties and interesting grain pattern, American Black Walnut is much valued for furniture, architectural woodwork, and decorative panels.

American walnut burrs & clusters are created by abnormal growth, or excrescences, which are common to most trees. Irritation or injury forms an interwoven, contorted, or gnarly mass of dense woody tissue from which this veneer is harvested.