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Bubinga Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Bubinga is also known as Essingang, Ovang and Waka. Kevazingo is a name generally reserved for highly figured rotary cut veneers, which are also called Waterfall Bubinga. The tree is found in Equatorial Africa from Southeast Nigeria, through Cameroon and Gabon to the Congo region, occurring in swampy or periodically inundated forests, and near river or lakeshores.

Bubinga sapwood is generally white with a greyish cast, while the heartwood is pink, vivid red, or red-brown with red to purple streaks, becoming yellow or medium brown with a reddish tint upon exposure to air.

Bubinga veneer grain is typically straight, although it can be interlocked and highly figured, and fine pores, which often contain a reddish gum, are diffused throughout the wood. The texture is usually fine to moderately fine.