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European Walnut Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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European Walnut is also called English Walnut, French Walnut, etc and is found across Central, Western and Southern Europe, and also cultivated in parts of Asia and Africa.

European Walnut sapwood is whitish to yellowish brown and it is common practice to steam or stain the sapwood to match its colour with that of the heartwood, which is light to dark brown or mouse grey, often with dark growth lines.

The grain of European Walnut veneer is slightly open and usually straight, but may be wavy or irregular and the texture is usually coarse, but uniform. The decorative pattern is highlighted by silky lustre varnish and this wood is also extremely suitable for polishing.

European walnut burr is created by abnormal growth, or excrescences, which are common to most trees. Irritation or injury forms an interwoven, contorted, or gnarly mass of dense woody tissue from which this veneer is harvested.