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Fumed Plane Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Fumed Pear veneer is produced by passing the natural plane veneer through an ammonia kiln to permanently change its colour.

This process gives the wood with a much darker, exotic colouring that has a more '3D-like' character, and is more UV stable than the natural wood or any other form of colouring, e.g. dyed veneers. Its improved UV-stability makes it more resistant to bleaching after prolonged exposure to the sun.

European Plane is composed of 5 to 9 species which grow in Eurasia and North America (where it is known as American Sycamore).

European Plane sapwood, which is 4-8cm wide, is slightly lighter than the heartwood, which is light reddish-brown, and the timber is often chemically treated to produce a form of Harewood, in which the background colour becomes silver grey while the broad rays retain their original colour.

European Plane has a fine texture and the grain is usually straight, although it can be interlocked.

Quarter cut European Plane is commonly known as Lacewood (or European Lacewood) - this is due to the numerous prominent reddish-brown broad rays that are exposed, contrasting with the lighter background colour of the wood, giving the wood a lace-like appearance. (This is a similar figure to that which is found inLouro Faia - also calledSilky Oak)