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Rose Zebrano Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Rose zebrano is also called abem, agyemera, ajia, apado, beguan, berlinia, ebiara, eborha, ekpagoi, ekpogoi, essaben, essoule, esule, ewon pala, gborduorh, ghordurorh, gueguiro wa baka, kibibi, kpende-guli, kpendei, m'possa, melegba, melegba des galleries, melegbra, mpossa, obuba, obwa, pacouli, red oak, rose sau, shoemakers-tree, ububa and wupa. It is found across many regions of West & Central Africa.

Rose zebrano sapwood may be up to 300mm wide and white or grey, often with a pinkish tint and distinct from the heartwood, which varies from pale red to a deep red brown with dark purple or brown streaks which are somewhat irregular in outline.

Rose zebrano grain is usually interlocked and sometimes very irregular, and the texture coarse and even. Dark gum streaks are frequently present.