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Solid timber panels

European Oak - 'Triply' Three-Layer Panels

European Oak 'Triply' three-layer panel
  • Stock item / some to special order
  • 20mm, 26mm (others by agreement)
  • In stock from 1000x1250mm up to 3000x1250mm
  • Non-stock items typically available within 2-3 weeks in minimum 5 sheets per item
  • Bulk packages of mini-bundles (10) and pallets (20)
  • Formaldehyde-free D3 bonded for limited high moisture conditions


Winwood Products is a supplier of the following 'Triply' three-layer panels made from European Oak, Rustic Oak, and 'Eco-Oak':

These three-layer panels are constructed from 5mm thick, full-length European oak, rustic oak or 'Eco-Oak' faces bonded either side of a cross-banded 10mm or 16mm finger jointed core of the same species. Non-stock items can be specially ordered in minimum quantity of 5 per item, and non-standard thickness can be produced by arrangement.

The European oak strips making up the panel core and faces are bonded together with formaldehyde-free D3 water resistant glue, The faces are made from strips of random width ranging 50-140mm and are calibrated to 80 grit before the panel is protected with clear film wrapping.

'Eco-Oak Triply' includes sapwood & knots to allow as much of the log used as possible. Insect marks are allowed to the reverse face to enable the maximum amount of oak to be utilised to achieve the most competitive price - and the lowest cost to the environment!

All panels can be supplied as produced, or cut or machined to pattern, and can be supplied prefinished with lacquer, oil, wax or special finishes as required. (See Adze for an indication of what is possible with these panels)

Please click on the main European Oak page for details of the wood


Technical details (general)

  • Construction:
    • Full length 5mm thick European Oak staves of random width (50-140mm wide) - single width within each panel - bonded to a cross-banded finger jointed core of the same species
  • Stock items:
    • European Oak Triply:
    • 20mm 1000x1250mm
    • 20mm 1250x1250mm
    • 20mm 1650x1250mm
    • 20mm 1900x1250mm
    • 20mm 2050x1250mm
    • 20mm 2300x1250mm
    • 20mm 2500x1250mm
    • 20mm 3000x1250mm
    • 26mm 2500x1250mm
    • 26mm 3000x1250mm
    • European Eco-Oak Triply:
    • 20mm 2500x1250mm
  • Standard thickness:
    • 20mm (5mm/10mm/5mm)
    • 26mm (5mm/16mm/5mm)
    • Others by arrangement
  • Standard sizes:
    • 810x1250mm
    • 1000x1250mm *** 20mm in stock **
    • 1250x1250mm
    • 1650x1250mm *** 20mm in stock **
    • 1900x1250mm *** 20mm in stock ***
    • 2050x1250mm *** 20mm in stock **
    • 2300x1250mm *** 20mm in stock ***
    • 2500x1250mm *** stock item ***
    • 2750x1250mm
    • 3000x1250mm *** stock item ***
  • Special sizes:
    • In principle, any size can be produced up to the maximum stated above
  • Calibration:
    • Final sanding with 80 grit
  • Packaging:
    • Faces individually protected with shrinkwrapping
  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width: +5mm/-3mm
    • Thickness: ±0.2mm
    • (Others by arrangement)
  • Face grades:
    • A face / B reverse
    • Other grading by arrangement
  • Bonding Quality:
    • D3 - High moisture applications
    • Formaldehyde (CAS # 50-00-0) is not intentionally used in the glue. However, trace levels (< 0.02%) may be present as a result of the specific characteristics of the raw materials and/or of the manufacturing process
  • Other features:
    • Other woods can be incorporated into the construction of the panel to achieve a decorative or contrasting effect