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High-quality commercial & technical plywoods

Ash Plywood

European Ash Plywood: Rotary European ash veneer European Olive Ash Plywood: Rotary European olive ash veneer
  • 4mm-40mm thick (composites up to 100mm)
  • Stock thickness: 4mm-18mm
  • Stocked size 2550x1250mm
  • Stocked in closed core = no open defects anywhere in the panel
  • To special order up to:
    2550x1830mm (ash throughout) or
    3660x1220mm & 2500x2070mm (ash faced)
  • Supplied raw or precoated with lacquer, oil or special finishes
  • Buy samples & offcuts of ash-throughout plywood


Ash plywood is a high-quality technical plywood panel that is used in various industrial & engineering applications, and the manufacture of decorative furniture & shopfitting and furniture manufacture.

This product is commonly used where the performance of an ash-based material is particularly desirable, such as sports equipment where its technical characteristics are essential. It is also used for decorative applications, e.g. in the manufacture of furniture where the appearance is of most importance.

Ash plywood is also used in engineering applications where the excellent dimensional stability of ash in varying ambient moisture levels is desirable.

This wood is also available in the form of: ash 'Triply' 3-layer panel, ash fineline plywood, and decorative ash veneered panels & doors

In detail

Winwood Products is an ash plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options:

Ash throughout plywood

Ash Plywood: Ash throughout plywood

Used for applications where a very strong & resilient, decorative plywood is required, ash throughout plywood is a high-quality panel product that is regularly used for toy & model making, interior decoration & in the manufacture of a variety of sports equipment.

This product is generally produced using uniform 2.5mm thickness rotary peeled ash veneers throughout.

Ash faced plywood

This is a general description of 'ash combi plywood', where every alternate veneer is a different specie to ash, and 'ash twin plywood', where the faces are ash bonded to a core of other woods with no ash within it.

Generally, ash faced plywoods are manufactured using cores based on beech plywood, poplar plywood, silver fir plywood, but it can also be mixed with a core of oak plywood, etc. Some of these species offer the ability to achieve a panel that is lighter in weight, without affecting the technical characteristics that ash throughout plywood offers, or to alter the panel to achieve a particular aspect that you may find applies to your particular need.

Unidirectional Ash plywood (Ash drawerside plywood)

Ash Plywood: Unidirectional ash drawerside plywood

Ash plywood can be manufactured specifically to your requirements, for instance if you require a plywood with unidirectional veneers - the grain of each veneer laid in the same direction - or you need to achieve a decorative edge with contrasting colors from a different wood, this can be supplied.

Unidirectional plywood made from 100% ash is regularly used in the manufacture of drawers, in order to avoid any end-grain being visible, and this arrangement is normally described as ash drawerside plywood.

Generally, the core veneer immediate beneath the face is bonded at right angles to all others, as this has been found to offer increased stability across the face. This arrangment therefore reduces the incidence of splitting on the face veneer due to the increased flexibility of the panel across the grain, although we can lay all the veneers in the same direction if required.

Decorative veneer faced ash plywood

Any of our wide range of decorative real wood veneers can be bonded onto ash plywood core.


Core quality:

All veneers used in ash throughout plywood are closed, i.e. without open defects. Ash combi plywood & ash twin plywood can be supplied as 'closed' or 'standard' cores (allowing some small knotholes and open defects in the core of the other woods).

Technical Details:

  • Thickness:
    • 4-60mm - thicker plywood by arrangement
  • Standard sizes:
    • 2550x1250mm
  • Special sizes:
    • Other sizes available, subject to agreement up to maximum 2550x1850mm
  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width: up to 1m @ ±1mm, up to 2m @ ±2mm , 2m & above @ ±3mm
    • Thickness: +0.2mm, -0.5mm
    • (Others by arrangement)
  • Face grades:
  • Specification:
    • EN 636-2 - Covered exterior usage
  • Other features:
    • No open defects throughout the core
    • Also available with unidirectional veneers
    • Can be supplied as ash throughout plywood, or with a core to any required mix of other species