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Furniture & Furniture Panels

Our customers insist upon using only the very best quality in the materials they use for the manufacture of their furniture. Whether for tops, sides, backs or fronts, most furniture pieces require panels that are structurally stable and strong, capable of being routed and machined, and supplied with a surface that will suit being finished with waxes, oils, lacquers and other finishes, or in a pre-finished surface that needs no further treatment.

All can be supplied in standard or special sizes, and CNC-machined

Specialist finished timber cladding & components

Specialist Finished Timber Cladding & Components

High quality decorative products

Decorative Panel Products

Formwork & smooth film faced products

Concrete Formwork Plywood

Edge Glued Solid Wood Panels & Worktops

Edge Glued Solid Wood Panels & Worktops

High-quality commercial & technical plywoods


Engineered wood, technical panels and furniture

Engineered Wood, Technical Panels and Furniture